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Extraterrestrial – God’s Ways Are Higher Than Our Ways

Apr 30, 2017, Author: Jason Karampatsos

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When we try to understand God and His ways by looking to the rules and laws that govern this world we will quickly find ourselves faced with either accepting that God’s ways are higher than our ways or denying God His divinity or even His existence…
But when we embrace what 1 Chronicles, Hebrews, and 1 Peter all teach us, we realize that we are not of this world and we are called to live our lives for an out of this world God. We are literally extra-terrestrial, not of this world, and as such we need to learn to live in a foreign land while maintaining our true identity.  
So, let’s jump into this week’s message. No space suits required, just an open mind and open heart to hear from an out of this world God.

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