Sundays at 9:00am & 10:45am 2416 N Wright Road, Janesville, WI

What To Expect At New Life


If you are visiting on a Sunday morning, you will notice that our foyer is filled with people. One of the many ways we encourage our community to know and love one another is through our conveniently located coffee shop. Feel free to grab a cup of coffee and a donut and meet someone new. Also, in our foyer, you will notice Guest Central. If you have any questions on what we believe as a church, how to get connected into our activities or ministries or any other general information questions, our friendly volunteers at Guest Central will be able to help you. You will notice a computer kiosk at the desk where you can sign up for any of our upcoming events as well.
If you are a parent, please know that at New Life we care about your children. A quick look through our program will show you that we are committed to our children’s ministries. It is our desire to partner with you in the discipleship of your children and to encourage them to become devoted follower’s of Jesus Christ each day. We are also incredibly dedicated to their safety. As a part of our safety practices, we secure each entrance on our children’s wing during service hours. Each child is also required to check in and out of service. You can view what we have available for your child here.
As you make your way into our sanctuary, you will notice a high energy and God-centered worship experience. Our worship is a time to give praise and thanks to God. At New Life, we strongly emphasize worship because, to be quite frank, we have a lot to praise and thank our God for! Our music style is contemporary worship intermixed with other classic hymns and styles.  Our worship, however, is not limited to singing. You will often see individuals raising and clapping their hands in worship. We clap our hands as a sign of surrender. It is an outward symbol of the surrender that has actually taken place in our hearts. We clap our hands because we believe that through Jesus Christ, we have victory in life. Some feel comfortable clapping and raising their hands while other enjoy just singing. Regardless, it is our prayer that during this time you would connect with God and give Him the praise and thanks He deserves! Also, within our service, our lead pastor–Dr. Jason Karampatsos–or one of his scheduled speakers from around the world will bring a message from the Word. You can view the most current and previous sermons right here on our website. Our pastoral staff is always available to pray and discuss the sermon material with you throughout the week a well.
Our heartfelt prayer is that your experience at New Life would not be limited to Sunday mornings. We have various ministries throughout the week as well as LIFE Groups which are designed for you to connect and participate with the community of New Life. You can view our various ministries/information here. We wholeheartedly believe there is a place for you at our church. No matter your background or history, Jesus wants to be a part of your life. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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