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Lemberg Scholarship




The Rev. O. W. Lemberg Bible College Scholarship Fund has been created to honor Pastor Lemberg for his great devotion to the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ, and his exceptional interest in North Central University and the training of young people for the ministry.

Each scholarship will be in the amount of $500.00, half of which will be paid for each semester of the year for which the scholarship is given ($250/semester).

There has been no limit established for the number of scholarships that will be awarded each year.

Applicants must be either high school graduates or in their last year of high school and planning to enroll full-time in an Assemblies of God Bible College and/or University. The scholarship must be fully completed and submitted to the church office for review.

Furthermore, you must be:

1. Be a member in good standing of New Life Assembly of God.

2. Live a life of proven faithfulness to the Church, its precepts and standards, and be an active participant in our youth program.

3. Maintain acceptable levels of scholastic achievement while in high school as well as in college. Only those maintaining a minimum of 2.5 GPA are eligible for consideration.

4. Be a full-time student.

Applicants may apply for the scholarship annually; they will need to reapply each year. It is felt that through reapplying, the student will be held more accountable when it comes to grades and ministry focus.

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