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If you are attempting to set up device restrictions on a gaming console or set top box, you’re in the right place. Simply click the banners below for more information in each category. You may download a PDF copy of these instructions, watch a tutorial video and check out other online resources below.


Fortunately, nearly every modern Internet-capable device has parental controls built in. Sometimes the easiest solution is to enable the device-ready option before involving any third-party software. Setting up parental controls, however, varies from device to device. (The following guides are adapted from the Lifehacker article entitled “How Do I Set Up Non-Annoying Parental Controls On All My Devices?“).
Playstation: The Playstation has several different settings available under Settings > Security Settings. Here you can find the option to restrict games, DVD and Blu-Ray playback, website browsing and access to the PSN store. With parental controls enabled, you are always able to enter a four-digit code to regain access to any content you would like. The content that is locked shows a lock icon on it when inserted into the disc player.
Xbox: On the Xbox, you need to head over to the Settings tab on your dashboard and hit the Family icon. You are able to set content control to block specific ratings, timers and access to online functionality. You can also set exceptions under the Ratings and Content tab, so if you don’t mind your child playing a specific game or two, you can give them access. Like other systems, you are given a four-digit code to access content at any time.
Wii: You can find the parental controls under System Settings > Parental Controls. Here you can block the web browser, online functionality and games based on the rating. Like the Playstation and Xbox, you get a four-digit code so you can regain access at any point. Parental controls are located in the same place for their portable handheld systems.
DVD/Blu-Ray/Television: The type of parental controls available will really depend on the brand. However, most modern DVD and Blu-Ray players have parental controls built into the devices that should be easy to locate under the Settings menu. The same goes for television and cable.

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