Sundays at 9:00am & 10:45am 2416 N Wright Road, Janesville, WI

Our Core Values

It is our goal to make Janesville and the surrounding area Christ-conscious. Whether it
is through our annual Freedom Fest event or through the New Life Cross or through the
daily ministries and outreaches at New Life, we aim to bring the people within our
community into the knowledge of who Jesus Christ is and what that means for their lives
At New Life, the heartbeat of who we are and what we stand for are our core values. In
everything we do, we aim to serve. We resonate with the passion of John the Baptist who
desired to become less and less so that Jesus might become more (John 3:30). We believe
this is accomplished through serving others.
In our church, we serve Jesus Christ. We do this through worship and biblical
teaching on Sunday and throughout the various ministries of the week. We do this in our
everyday lives, understanding He is King and Creator over each and every moment.
In our church, we serve our community. Freedom Fest is one of our major events
which we view as a gift to our community. We offer completely free rides, a free concert,
and a free health clinic as a means to spread the news of God’s free grace. Additionally,
we have adopted Kennedy Elementary School by caring for its faculty and students during
and after school. Our food pantry is also available throughout the week to those in need.
In our church, we serve your family. We hope you noticed the family-oriented
ministries available at New Life. We have something available for people of all ages!
In our church, we serve you. We care about you deeply because we believe Jesus
has a plan and purpose for each individual. Our pastors and staff are here to assist you
as you pursue Jesus daily.
At New Life, we emphasize community. We are all in this together. And, we hope you choose
to visit us — whether you are just beginning to ask questions about God or are a committed
Christ-follower or are some place in between. There is a place for you at our church.
We hope you will find New Life to be a place where you can grow in your journey toward God.

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