Child Dedications

Child Dedications

A child dedication is an opportunity for parents to publicly commit and present their child to God. This serves as a commitment to bring their children up in a Christ-centered home. Child dedications are held at New Life on an as-needed basis. By contacting our Front Offices at 608-756-4175 or by sending an email, you can express your interest in a child dedication service. This is a great time to invite friends and family as they stand witness to your commitment.

What does it signify?

A child dedication is actually the parents’ act of dedication and spiritual commitment to God concerning the upbringing of their child. This commitment involves the parent praying for the child, teaching the child from the Word of God, bringing the child to church and setting a Christlike example inside the home for the child.

How is this different from baptism?

Dedication is not infant baptism. It, in no way, indicates or assures salvation. At New Life, we believe every person must understand the gospel and exercise their personal faith before baptism. Instead, this serves as an opportunity for the parents to commit themselves to setting a Christ-like example for their child and as a time for friends and family to commit themselves to praying for and encouraging your family.