Midweek Electives
  • 2416 N Wright Road
    Janesville, WI 53546

  • New Life Sanctuary

Midweek Electives

We encourage you to join us at New Life Assembly of God as we offer three adult discipleship electives that each run for seven weeks. Operating from February 6th through March 20th, we have the following three electives available:

Praising God Even When: Pastor Jennifer Karampatsos will be leading a study on suffering in the Christian life. What do we do with our pain and suffering? What do we do in the moments where we have prayed and prayed but remain in pain? This class will feature a guest speaker each week who will highlight their own personal journey through pain and suffering and how Christ is truly strong in our weakness.

Ephesians: Pastor Cameron Rebarchek will be leading a study through the letter to the Ephesian church. Unlike many of Paul’s other letters, Ephesians doesn’t tackle a particular problem or heresy within the church. Instead, he focuses on giving practical advice on right living. How do we live a life that honors God, and what role does grace play in the day-to-day life of the believer? We will tackle these questions and more.

Killing Kryptonite: Brad Larson will be leading a study through John Bevere’s Killing Kryptonite. You can destroy what steals your strength. Just like Superman, who can leap over any hurdle and defeat every foe, followers of Christ have the supernatural ability to conquer the challenges we face. But the problem for both Superman and us is there’s a kryptonite that steals our strength. In Killing Kryptonite, John Bevere reveals what this kryptonite is, why it’s compromising our communities, and how to break free from its bondage.