Midweek Electives
  • 2416 N Wright Road
    Janesville, WI 53546

  • New Life Sanctuary

Midweek Electives

We encourage you to join us at New Life Assembly of God as we offer three adult discipleship electives that each run for seven weeks. Operating from October 31st through December 19th, we have the following three electives available:

Thriving Marriages: Pastor Jason and Jennifer Karampatsos will be leading on class on cultivating thriving marriages. This is a fun class that will have a profound impact on you and your spouse. Spots are limited for this class, so please make sure to touch base with Pastor Jason to reserve your spot.

The Life of Elisha: Pastor John Morine will be leading a Bible study looking specifically at the life of the prophet Elisha. Elisha, whose name means “God is my Salvation,” was the successor to the prophet Elijah. The ministry of Elisha lasted some 60 years, through which we learn a lot of valuable lessons about our great God.

Faith: Pastor Cameron Rebarchek will be leading a study through Hebrews 11. In what is often referred to as the “Hall of Faith,” highlighting the heroes of faith, we will actually discover there is but one Hero of faith. Everyone has faith; the question is to what do we attach our faith. As we go through Hebrews 11 together, we will see that faith knows, it acts, it sees, it’s tested, and it chooses. Join us as we dive into a familiar passage of Scripture in a unique way.