Midweek Electives
  • 2416 N Wright Road
    Janesville, WI 53546

  • New Life Sanctuary

Midweek Electives

We encourage you to join us at New Life Assembly of God as we offer three adult discipleship electives that each run for seven weeks. Operating from February 3rd through March 17th, we have the following three electives available:

Colossians: Pastor Cameron Rebarchek will be leading this Bible study and commentary through Paul’s letter to Colossae. What we think about Jesus matters deeply. Our perception of Him shapes us — what we say, how we treat others, even what we think. This study looks at the person of Jesus Christ and who He is. Covering the history of Rome and how it was believed to be the great salvation, this series points to the true source of salvation, Jesus Christ, asking the question, “Where have you put your hope?”

Revelation: Mary Pierce will be leading this study through John’s book of Revelation. In a book of the Bible often surrounded by more questions than answers, this study will take a look at the church’s eschatology and what we know about the end times. It will examine the example of the seven churches as we strive to be a church prepared and ready for what is to come.

Holy and Awesome, or Mean and Stingy: Vicki Butcher will be leading a study through the Old Testament and based off the book God Behaving Badly. Who is this God we read about in the Old Testament, and what do we do with some of more difficult passages describing Him? What do we do with His anger we read about? This challenging study will look into some of the more challenging pictures and descriptions of God to help us better understand who He is.