Jobs at New Life

Jobs at New Life

At New Life Assembly of God, we strive to cultivate thriving relationships with God, family, and others. By God’s grace and mighty power, our staff shares the honor and privilege of this mission (Ephesians 3:7).

We are called to make disciples, and the best way we know how to make disciples is how Jesus made disciples. We invite people to live life together in relationships and to come alongside one another as we serve. We desire to create an opportunity for everyone to be in community and to use their God-given gifts. That is how disciples are made.

We are wholly committed to becoming a diverse and unified church serving one God as one family. We believe that any healthy church reflects the community God has placed them in, and we will fight to protect a God-honoring unity as we welcome all ages, races, ethnicities, socio-economic statuses, and sports team’s allegiances while we work together to only advance His purposes for our church.

New Life Assembly of God is in the heart of south-central Wisconsin, just 20 miles from the northern Illinois border and a short commute from Madison and the Milwaukee area.


If you feel that you might be a good fit for our team in one of our current openings, email your resume to our Lead Pastor at


Job Type: Full-time
Posted: January 22, 2019

New Life Assembly of God is now receiving resumes for a full-time Worship Pastor to join an exciting team of leaders committed to cultivating thriving relationships with God, family, and others. We are looking to hire a spirit-filled leader who can mentor and disciple a team of gifted musicians, vocalists and supporting audio/video, light and tech volunteers.  Our church is in the heart of a growing city of 65,000 residents, so the ideal candidate would be one with the experience to help advance a strong and healthy worship ministry as our church and community grows.

What our new Worship Pastor likely has already been doing:

  • Leading in a worship ministry with multiple services;
  • Modeling a life led by the Holy Spirit;
  • Working closely with the Lead Pastor to ensure smooth, Spirit-led transitions throughout the services;
  • Enjoying cultivating the worship arts gifts God has given to others;
  • Celebrating victories and sharing in the sorrows of the everyday lives of the team members they serve;
  • Thriving at developing relationships with servant leader teams;
  • Actively cultivating relationships with potential worship arts team members to grow opportunities to disciple;
  • Passionately inspiring others with worship through song;
  • Leading a discipleship small group during one of the two morning services for the worship team;
  • Overseeing the Media Team and taking lead responsibility for technologies and instruments required for ministry.

What our new Worship Pastor may want to know about us:

  • We are a church called to cultivate thriving relationships with God, family, and others;
  • We are wholly committed to becoming a diverse and unified church serving one God as one family;
  • We are a church that strives to focus on what God wants us to be over things to do;
  • We value the collaborative contribution from our pastoral team as we work together for God’s vision for our church;
  • Prayer, Missions, Serving, and Authentic Relationships aren’t things we do; it is who we are;
  • Our growing worship arts team currently consists of over 40 team members;
  • Each Sunday we provide an opportunity for an altar response before or following the message;
  • Each Wednesday we also provide the congregation with an opportunity to worship through song;
  • One of the other highlights is our community outreach event that draws 20,000-30,000 people every year (

What our new Worship Pastor will have access to as tools:

  • Planning Center Online (PCO) for all volunteer scheduling;
  • ProPresenter;
  • Multitracks Playback and Rehearsal Mix, and CCLI subscriptions;
  • Church Community Builder (CCB);
  • Roland M-48 Live Personal Mixer for in-ear monitors;
  • Jands Vista 2 (Byron), Jands Vista M1, and W-DMX controller for an array of LED front and back lighting;
  • Several Macs, iPads, and other supporting technologies for the preparation, leading, and editing the services.

What our new Worship Pastor may want to do next:

  • Visit to learn more about the staff, the church, and view some recent sermons by our Lead Pastor;
  • Search online to learn more about Janesville and the community you’ll be serving (;
  • Be praying for the Holy Spirit to guide you and give you a fresh vision for what He has for our community.