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NLY Adult Youth Leader Application

NLY Adult Youth Leader Application

New Life Youth Leader Application

Thanks for taking the time to submit a New Life Youth Leader Application. If you would prefer a paper copy, please visit to download the PDF. All submissions will go to Pastor Christian upon completion. If you have any questions at all about the process, don’t hesitate to reach out to him at 608-756-4175 ext 107 or by email at


In order to cultivate a youth ministry that is truly thriving we strive to build trust and consistency within our church body. Our four areas of purpose also come with personal sacrifice and commitment.

We strive for a growing relationship with Christ. This means that you are actively involved in church attendance. “Serve one, attend one” means that if you are serving during one Sunday morning service you are also attending one within the same day. We strive for healthy families that are practicing healthy boundaries, and we also strive for relationship with others. Finding accountability and connection to other church members is important for unity.

In having this authority there comes many responsibilities; living a holy and pure life (Romans 6:4) means having a healthy relationship with Jesus, your family, and others so that you can be used to lead. We want to be the best example we can be to these students, so they can see the truth that is taught first hand.

There must be preparation we put into this ministry. If you are asked to lead a small group then that is a unique opportunity handed to you that will require prayer, cultivating a welcoming atmosphere within your group, reading over the service order given to you before service every Wednesday, and taking initiative to build relationships outside of your small group time in the service.

Serving can come in many forms in this specific ministry, but no matter what that looks like we choose to sacrifice our time and comfort to give of ourselves for the mission. It could look like helping set up chairs, cleaning up trash, picking kids up for youth group, or a number of tasks, but they are all serving and benefiting the ministry God is doing here!