Hey love birds! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Thank you for considering New Life as you begin this new journey together. We are honored by your interest in our facilities and services for your big day. Our desire is to serve and assist you in any way possible before, during and after your wedding. We pray that God’s presence will be felt, not only on the special day, but also through the entirety of this process.

Please know we are here to help you with more than the wedding day. As pastors, we take very seriously our role in helping you prepare for your future together. That is why the marriage preparation and counseling procedures at New Life are required and intensive. We applaud you and your future spouse for choosing to make this essential investment in your relationship and future happiness. Furthermore, we are available to you after your wedding. Our offices are open to you as you both strive to honor God in your marriage. After all, we do not only want you to have the best wedding possible, but also the best marriage possible.

For more in-depth information and availability, please contact our Front Office at 608-756-4175 or send an email to our Administrative Assistant. We would be more than happy to get you in touch with our Wedding Liaison and to place a Wedding Manual in your hands. Or, for your convenience, you can download a PDF copy below.

Download Wedding Policies     Revised: February 26, 2018

What are New Life's views on marriage?
At New Life Assembly of God, we believe that God designed the marriage relationship and, therefore, He knows best how to build a marriage that will last a lifetime. We value the Word of God and what it tells us about marriage. The Bible clearly commands that marriage is only between one man and one woman. All other marriage relationships are unbiblical. Therefore, New Life defines marriage as a relationship between one man and one woman. Based upon this principle, our facilities may only be used for the ceremony of marriage between one man and one woman. Furthermore, if we hope to experience joy and fulfillment in our marriage, we need to adhere to the basic principles of marriage that the Bible outlines. Because we are committed to building healthy marriages that can go the distance, we present the following guidelines:

We value the permanence of marriage. It is the desire of New Life that your marriage models the Biblical relationships between Jesus Christ and the Church (Ephesians 5). By His example, marriage is to be a covenant relationship characterized by joy, intimacy, and permanence.

We recommend six months of marital preparation. This allows plenty of time for you to schedule and attend several required premarital sessions. Additionally, this allows time for the planning and preparation needed for your future.

We value the spiritual lives of the couples we marry. Our desire, and the Lord’s desire (2 Corinthians 6:14), is that both individuals have surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This is the necessary foundation to establishing a Christian home.

We value the Biblical definition of purity. That is why we ask that the couple remain celibate and not live together at any time prior to the wedding. This is also a protection for you against divorce, as research has found that couples who live together prior to marriage have a higher divorce rate than those who do not.

In conclusion, these guidelines have been created based upon New Life’s belief in God’s plan for marriage and are meant to encourage, protect, and strengthen the couple’s commitment to Christ. Due to the nature of interpersonal relationship and individual levels of maturity, there may be exceptions to these guidelines. These exceptions will be determined on an individual basis by our pastors.

What is the cost of a wedding?
Included in the price of the facilities are a sound technician (where applicable), your Wedding Liaison, your Officiating Minister, a custodian, a bride’s room, a groom’s room, and a color scheme for the stage lighting in the New Life Center or Sanctuary (if desired).

The bride and her attendants may dress for the wedding in Room #103 and Room #104. One full-length mirror will be provided. A garment rack will also be provided as well as arrangements to hang the wedding gown. There is a bathroom conveniently located between the two rooms.

The groom and his attendants may prepare for the ceremony in Room #106. There is a bathroom conveniently located next to the room.

Additional Fees: New Life Assembly of God requires premarital counseling for all weddings at the church. You may schedule the sessions with one of our pastors for the price of $35.00. This is a total cost for the Prepare/Enrich inventory and the following 6-7 sessions. If premarital counseling is provided elsewhere, a written letter confirming such must be provided.

If you would prefer the stage to be cleared of its equipment, there is an additional $50.00 charge assessed. However, we do have a white curtain backdrop freely available to hide the equipment from view at your request.

New Life Assembly of God does not provide musicians and singers. However, if you are in need of recommendations, please contact our staff members. Any fees for musicians or singers will be determined by the performer and should be paid directly to the performer either prior to your event or when services are rendered.

Attendee Rate: To qualify for the attendee rate, a member of the wedding couple must be an active attendee of New Life, meaning they regularly give or serve as a volunteer at New Life.

No Affiliation Rate: This rate is for the general public who do not regularly attend, serve or give at New Life. All weddings of those with no affiliation to New Life must be approved by pastoral staff to ensure consistent theological and doctrinal beliefs of New Life.

 Room #105Cross PatioNew Life CenterSanctuaryPavilion
Seats 50 peopleSeats 40 peopleSeats 100 peopleSeats 400 peopleSeats 300 people
No Affiliation$400$600$800$1,000$1,200
What is the cost of a reception?
Included in the price of the facilities are tables, chairs, and a sound system. We do not provide a sound technician during the reception, so please ensure you meet with one of our staff members to familiarize yourself with the equipment. The New Life Gymnasium is reserved for attendees of New Life Assembly of God. All reservations for the reception facilities must be arranged and confirmed through the Wedding Liaison when the wedding date is set.

In order to prepare the facilities for ongoing ministry and as a courtesy to our neighbors, all receptions must be completed before 8:00 pm. To accommodate for the transition of our facilities, we recommend the reception to be scheduled at least three hours from the beginning of your wedding ceremony.

In the event of inclement weather during an outside wedding and/or reception, we will provide a comparable facility inside. Only changes made at least a week prior to the wedding will constitute a refund.

Please note the reception facilities are reserved for eating and fellowship only. We do not allow dancing in the church facilities.

 New Life GymnasiumNew Life CenterNew Life Pavilion
Seats 250 peopleSeats 100 peopleSeats 300 people
No Affiliation$300$500$1,000
What is our next step to scheduling a wedding at New Life?
Your first step as a couple seeking marriage is to contact our Administrative Assistant by calling our Front Offices at 608-756-4175 or by sending an email. They will be able to put you in contact with our Wedding Liaison as well as provide you with further information from our Wedding Manual. It is after you make this initial contact that you may schedule your premarital counseling with one of our pastors.