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Who We Are

Who We Are

Our mission is to cultivate THRIVING relationships with God, family, and others. 

Live life together.

We are called to make disciples, and the best way we know how to make disciples is how Jesus made disciples. We invite people to live life together in relationships and to come alongside one another as we serve. We desire to create an opportunity for everyone to (1) be in community and (2) to use their God-given gifts. That is how disciples are made.

Generous with what we have.

We are passionate about coming alongside people and helping them to live up to the fullest potential for which God has created them. We learn in Scripture that to be all that God created us to be we need to live lives that are generous with our time, talent, and resources. You will never truly understand God and the joy He has for you if you are living with your hands and heart closed.

Empty seats matter.

We are unashamed about doing all that we can to be used in building the “capitol-C“ Church. As long as there are people who are not enjoying a life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ, our job is not done. This will require creative and innovative partnerships with others in our communities and around the world, and we believe you just may possess the next great idea that we have been looking for.

Diversely unified.

We are wholly committed to becoming a diverse and unified church serving one God as one family. We believe that any healthy church reflects the community God has placed them in, and we will fight to protect a God-honoring unity as we welcome all ages, races, ethnicities, socio-economic statuses, and sports team’s allegiances while we work together to only advance His purposes for our church.

Be over do.

We are a church that strives to focus on what God wants us to be over things to do. Prayer, Missions, Serving, and Authentic Relationships aren’t things we do; it is who we are. Any success that is not accomplished through prayer and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit is viewed as failure. While we are okay with making mistakes, we refuse to fail. The people we serve and have yet to meet are just too valuable to ever give up.